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USAPlay is the authorized factory direct seller for AlleyOop trampolines.  Our strong relationship with the company assures that you will get the best price anywhere.  Our local ownership assures that you will get the best service from order to installation as well.  These products are simply the strongest and safest trampolines on the market.

Ours vs. Theirs

What Makes Our Trampolines The Best:

Unsafe Trampolines

Being Sold by Discount Retailers
  • No Patented Safety Improvements to Protect Jumpers & Prevent Injuries (Faster deceleration = more stress on jumpers body = higher back & joint compression = increased injuries during awkward landings, etc.)
  • Stiffer springs & Shorter frame = Higher Bed Tension (Harder, shallower bounce = more stress on jumper = body must compress & bend to absorb more energy = less energy goes into springs = lower return energy = lower bounce = less safety & fun)
  • 4 Rows Mat Stitching/No UV shield to protect threads
  • Thin Frame/Spring Pad: Average foam thickness across pad is less than 0.65″ thick, with just 1/2″ foam over 65% of the pad surface.
  • Unattractive, silver-color, thin-steel frame (Cheap steal that fatigues quickly, rusts and then breaks) Note: Jumpking & Hedstrom Recall over 1 million trampolines for breaking frames (learn more)
  • WARNING: Some manufacturers use inexpensive grommets that puncture and tear through the mat fabric during installation. The trampoline mat will likely begin to tear apart in the first year and most likely fail within two years!easy tear
  • Fabric Stretch-Bands give poor performance
  • Flimsy Stretch-bands weaken and fatigue quickly
  • $150.00 to replace entire mat if just one stretch-band breaks (stretch-bands are permanently stitched to mat)
  • Trampoline Pad is permanently stitched to mat and has no bottom fabric to protect foamflimsy stretch

Choose From Our Family of Safe Trampolines


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These are simply the strongest and safest trampolines on the market. They come with a lifetime warranty and will last much longer than the trampolines that you can purchase at a big seller. Most of those have a 1 – 5 year warranty versus the lifetime warranty on the AO brand. Trampoline warranties are just like car warranties. You know what happens when your car warranty expires. It starts falling apart. It is the same way with trampolines so buy one that will last a lifetime. This trampoline also has the exclusive net closure on the outside of the poles which allows for a greater play area.