Site Amenities

designed with style. Designed with comfort. Designed for you.

When you choose outdoor furniture from USAPlay, you choose picnic tables, park benches, trash receptacles, grills, bike racks and/ or other site amenities that are of the highest quality – and at the best prices, too. That’s because our first priority has always been giving our customers the kind of long-lasting commercial furniture that is durable, comfortable and affordable.

  • Durable. We provide the kind of craftsmanship that lasts. In all of our site amenities, we use the highest quality of raw materials and strive for superior workmanship from beginning to end. We’re also proud to be the only company in our industry that provides both traditional plastisol coating and textured polyethylene coating for out tops and seats.
  • Comfortable. Our variety of more than 13 styles of tops and seats includes everything from high-end models with comfortable seating to economy models that offer practical, yet comfortable, seating.
  • Affordable. We work hard to surpass our competition in the areas that are not only important to our company but also to our customers. Providing you with the best prices and superior customer service is our goal.

Thanks to a catalog of more than 1,000 products in different styles with an array of color choices, we’re here to give you exactly the outdoor furniture you need. With our help, it’s easy to achieve the distinctive look you desire for your outdoor picnic tables, park benches, etc. Click here for more information or call us at (864)297-6410.

Here are just a few of the many playground amenities that we offer.

Green Bench
Blue Table
Blue Bench
Trash Can Black
Green Table
Trash Can

Many others are available.