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Buy Diazepam London, Cheap Valium

The clatter bridge & tower help make this the swing set of many kids’ dreams! It’s packed with fun activities like the 360° Turbo Tire Swing™, deluxe rope ladder, climbing ramp and rock wall. Select from our wood roof, classic vinyl canopy.


  • Platform – 4′ x 6′
  • Platform Height – 5′
  • Wiki Wave Slide™
  • Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
  • Deluxe Rope Ladder
  • Deluxe Climbing Ramp
  • Clatter Bridge & Tower
  • 360° Turbo Tire Swing™ with Swivel
  • Belt Swings – 2
  • Trapeze Swing
  • Built-In Picnic Table
  • Sandbox
  • Bonus Sandbox under Tower
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
  • Steering Wheel
  • Play Telescope
  • Flag Kit
  • Safety Handles
  • Available with a Tongue & Groove Wood Roof featuring Sunbursts, Dormers and a Chimney, Deluxe Green Vinyl Canopy
  • Deluxe Green Vinyl Canopy covering Tower
  • 4×4 Solid Wood Framing
  • 4×6 3-Position Swing Beam
  • 4×6 1-Position Tire Swing Beam
  • Posts & Beams in Solid Cedar Wood
  • Patented One-Piece A-Frame Bracket
  • Available in Cedar with a beautiful Amber Finish
  • Free delivery

Height 11′ • Depth 22′ 6″• Width 21′
It is recommended that you have a 6ft. perimeter around your swing set

Additional information

Roof Type

Standard Wood Roof, Green Vinyl Canopy, Sunbrella® Canvas Forest Green Canopy, Pinnacle Wood Roof, Pinnacle Wood Roof w/Treehouse Add-on, Wood Roof w/Treehouse Add-on, Wood Roof w/Treehouse and Fort Add-on, Riviera Wood Roof